Week 5 assignment Instructional Practices for Emergent Literacy Learners

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Instructional Practices for Emergent Literacy Learners
Edica Liebl
Walden University

Dr. Holcomb
READ - 6706O: Literacy Development PreK-3
August 2, 2015

Instructional Practices for Emergent Literacy Learners

Part I – Lesson Plan

Teacher: Edica Liebl
Date: July 29, 2015
Age/Grade Range; Developmental Level(s): 6-7-year-olds, entering 1st grade in the fall, emergent-beginning readers

Anticipated Lesson Duration: 45 Minutes

Lesson Foundations

Pre-assessment (including cognitive and non-cognitive measures):
For the pre-assessment, I will hold a discussion with the students on what they know about astronauts, including what is needed for travel to the moon, how astronauts stay safe and what tools they use on the
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Extension/Enrichment/Transfer of Generalization of Knowledge:

Students will ask and answer questions about the main idea and supporting details followed by writing about their favorite part of the text using the spider concept map (Reutzel & Cooter, 2015) for guidance.

Sentence starters available for those students needing extra support for a writing activity.

Lesson Summary
Instructional Plan
1. Read aloud the Essential Question posted on the white board. What do astronauts do? Then tell children to think about this question as they read the text Let’s go to the Moon

2. Discuss with students what they expect the text Let’s go to the Moon to be about. Ask students to think about how the Essential Question relates to what they noticed about the story from the cover and what they already know about astronauts from past readings.
3. Guide children to think about the genre and their preview of the selection. • Motivate: Show Video of rocket launching http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=YouTube+Rocket+Launch&Form=VQFRVP#view=detail&mid=E35BFCFA2063C1127ED0E35BFCFA2063C1127ED0

4. GENRE Informational Text: Preview the title and text cover with the students, and model identifying the characteristics of informational text.
• Then have children explain the differences between informational text and stories.

5. Think Aloud (Teacher Model) Review Genre: “ Informational texts