Music Education

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EDAE224 Creative Arts Curriculum Studies 2

Assignment 1: Music Education

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They will then listen to ‘What I Am’ by Will.I.Am. As they listen to the song, it will speed up and slow down. The students will need to adapt their movement to follow the tempo of the music, for example faster movements as the music speeds or slower movements when the music slows. Once they are able to adapt to different tempos, the music will change dynamics via getting louder and softer. The students will need to adapt their movement to follow the dynamics of the music for example larger movements when the music is louder or smaller movements when the music is softer. The students will take turns in leading the movements through each change. Once the song has played through, the students will have a few minutes to talk and create movements together for the tempo and dynamic sections of the song. The song is run through a second time and the students will move together to the music showing the movements they had worked on together. The students are then encouraged to talk through what they found was the best representation of the music when it would change dynamic and tempo. Did the music have repetition, a constant beat, similarities and differences? Time Allocation: 45 minutes
HSIE: Celebrations (Stage 1)
Activity 3 – Song – Listening
The class is allocated into groups of 4-5 in their own spaces. Each group chooses a cultural celebration from a box on the teacher’s desk (each cultural celebration is celebrated by one or more of the students


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