Motivation in Workplace

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Rensis Likerthas called motivation as the core of management. Motivation is an effective instrument in the hands of the management in inspiring the work force .It is the major task of every manager to motivate his subordinate or to create the will to work among the subordinates. It should also be remembered that the worker may be immensely capable of doing some work, nothing can be achieved if he is not willing to work .creation of a will to work is motivation in simple but true sense of term.
Motivation is an important function which very manager performs for actuating the people to work for accomplishment of objectives of the organization .Issuance of well conceived instructions and orders does not mean that they will be
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These are action oriented and provide an energizing thrust toward goal accomplishment. They are the very heart of the motivation process.
Goals are anything which will alleviate a need and reduce a drive.
Nature of motivation: Following are some of the characteristics of motivation derive from the definitions given by various authors.
1. Based on motives: Motivation is base on individuals motive which are internal to individual. These motives are in the form of feeling that the individual lacks something.
2. Goal directed behavior: Motivation Leads to goal directed behavior. A goal directed behavior is one which satisfied the causes for which behavior takes place. Motivation has profound influence on human behavior.
3. Related to satisfaction: Motivation is related to satisfaction. Satisfaction is refers to the contentment experiences of an individual which we derives out of needs fulfillment.
4. Complex process: Motivation is a complex process; complexity emerges because of the nature if needs a types of behavior that need attempted to satisfied those needs.
Significance of Motivation:
Motivation involves getting the members of the group to pull weight effectively, to give their loyalty to the group, to carry out properly the purpose of the organization. The following results may be expected if the employees are properly motivated.
1. The workforce will be better satisfied if the


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