Trinity Cert Tesol

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Trinity Cert TESOL

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Contents Self-study 2 Reading list 3 Assignment overview 7 Teaching practice 8 Language Awareness test 1. 10 Language awareness test 2 10 Language awareness test 3 11 Unknown foreign language journal 12 Materials assignment 24 Observation journal 29 Teaching practice journal 49 Learner profile 51 Agreement to participate in learner profile 59


Self study follows the day’s input. Although there is flexibility in how you spend this time and the times we would recommend at least the following, which reflects the very intensive nature of this course.

During the week
1 hour – background reading (as indicated on the main timetable)
1 hour – assignment
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Each lesson is assessed on a pass/fail basis and each trainee must pass 6 hours of teaching practice classes. The marking criteria for teaching practice is as follows:
a. identify the needs of different types of learners in monolingual and multilingual groups

b. prepare appropriate aims for a lesson or lessons and means of achieving them with two distinct levels of language learners

c. teach lesson with both skills and systems aims

d. identify and develop the learning styles and motivation of learners, establish and maintain rapport

e. organise and manage the classroom, including whole-class activity, pair, group and individual work

f. understand and adopt different teaching methods and styles for different learner groups and individuals, with respect to the principles of differentiated learning