Employee Motivation and Performance

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

An analysis of the Effects of Rewards and Compensation on Employees’ Motivation and Performance

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

April 2012


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So it becomes very necessary for all the organizations to develop a proper system of performance management for the employees. There are different methods adopted by different companies in order to evaluate the performance of the employees individually. The supervisors and the managers in any organization can also provide the recognition to the workers by having the informal talks with them. The managers have to understand all the difficulties faced by the employees. He should understand those difficulties and also have these employees in order to face all that difficult situations and to take the work pressure as well. The managers have to lead the employees to dissipate in the decision making process therefore, the employees can feel independent regarding their work and they can also think of their importance for the development of the organization. The managers should encourage all the employees have any kind of idea regarding the productivity of the annihilation or any kind of performance management system. The allowances, compensations and the salaries should be given to the employees on the periodic basis and they should also be provided with special bonuses on the special occasions in order to motivate the employees. It is the duty of the human resource managers that they should work for the interest of the employees. There should not be any kind of monotonous in the work of the employees. To the employees should be working with fresh minds every day. Their job


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