Unit 1 – Supporting Teaching and Learning Activities in Schools

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Unit 1 – Supporting teaching and learning activities in schools

A teaching assistant can have discussions with the teacher after obtaining a copy of the prepared lesson plan. Some time may need to be set aside for these discussions to take place, such as break or lunch times. These lesson plans are usually prepared in advance, the teaching assistant can provide support by doing their own prep work or helping out with task resources.
There are three stages of planning: Long-term, medium-term and short-term. Long term requires the coverage of subjects for the academic year ahead, in conjunction with the National Curriculum. Medium-term requires a breakdown of all subjects to show what is required, such as learning outcomes and
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This occurs when the teaching assistant gets to know the pupils better. It is easier to provide effective support this way.
Pupils need to fully understand the task in hand, and the expectations of the activity. Teaching assistants should explain things clearly and concisely, with the correct vocabulary to ensure the pupils understand what is expected of them.
Using open-ended questions and taking note of the pupil’s responses enables the teaching assistants to monitor the understanding and any problems associated with the activity, so these issues can be fixed at another stage.
Any form of praise towards the pupil’s increases the motivation of said pupil’s and builds up their confidence; whether it be in the form of verbal praise, merit awards or school recognition. Positive body language is required when giving praise to pupils.
Teaching assistants may be required to differentiate any materials, or even which pupil’s should be grouped together. Sometimes groups are formulated randomly, regardless of ability, or as ability-related groups. This allows for co-dependant study between pupils and for them to support each other in set tasks. (212)
The feedback given to the teacher by the teaching assistant can be given either verbally or in writing. This records the progression of the pupils and also the


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