Leadership Development Report

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Chosen Model
The purpose of this report is to review my leadership competencies through the theories and models explored. A leadership development plan will be created to assist myself; a young female adult who is entering the family based engineering business, taking up the role of sales manager.
The Leadership Competency Model, developed by the Central Michigan University (CMU Model), will be used as a guiding principal. The model is made up of the aspects, namely, self-management; leading others, task management, innovation and social responsibility. It is chosen as it thoroughly describes the aspects a effective leader should possess.
As a young female undergraduate in business management, to set foot into an engineering industry it
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Hence, as such a leader, one must not be distressed by the negative circumstance, but must possess the capability to hold the team together at such a brink of chaos. The leader has to remain positive and constantly motivate the sales force
As this is positively tackled, work in the team will efficiently flow resulting in increase in output
Brewster & Morley 2004). instead of weeping and feeling disheartened along with them. Emotional and mental strength must be existent to serve the company and lead their subordinates.
Thus, self-management is one of the most basic competencies one should achieve to be a good leader (McEwen &Kathryn 2011). With the personal resilience to operate effectively under pressure and maintain consistent levels of motivation, leadership and direction, it will lead to a more productive team.
To substantially develop myself as a sales leader, this weakness must be overcome. With specifics to self-management, a leadership plan shall be developed to improve these weaknesses, and further develop my leadership capacity and capability.
Leadership development plan
The goal of the leadership development plan is to steer myself to be a work life balanced resilient leader where stress and uncertainties at work can be coped with effectively. Through the swift bounce back from psychological and physical stress faced, high levels of productivity and ability to lead can be maintained.


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