Two Leaders S. Jobs and R. Branson

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Executive Summary
This project report is based on comparison made between two leaders knows as CEO of Apple Company Late Steve Jobs and CEO of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson. In this project report both Leaders have been compared and contrasted according to their leadership qualities, skills, attitudes, personalities and value system owned by each of them.
According to this given project report comparison made between both the leaders shows that Richard Branson is considered as an effective Leader because he is participative and charismatic in nature. He possesses several leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial skills and qualities.
Sum up, according to analysis of given project, this report provides some recommendations regarding
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There is no single style of leadership which is considered the best one. According to situations Leaders must have an ability to adapt particular leadership style (MGR Consulting 2006). However, there are many examples which highlights that Leaders are developed in organization by implementing Leadership development programs.
3.1Two Leaders as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson
In this project report the two Leaders Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are being explained.
Steve Jobs was the Late CEO of Apple Computers Inc (Leadership with You 2012). He was born on 1955 at US and was a Board Member at Walt Disney Company. He was innovative and critical thinker in nature which helped him to climb the ladder of success. He created one of the most valuable companies of world. Steve Jobs loved to experiment with electronics products which helped him to create a niche market for apple products. Apple is a leader in I-pod and I-phones which attract the youths. The competitors of Apple used re-positioning strategies immediately after launching of their products.
Richard Branson is the chairman of Virgin Group and was born on 1950 at United Kingdom. He started his career by recording and latter he owned Virgin Airlines. He is being addressed by giving title as “Sir” & listed in the list of wealthiest entrepreneur’s of Britain. Virgin is one of the most reputed brands existing in more than thirty countries of


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