Canon Marketing Plan

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April 15th 2012

Table of Contents

Statement of Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure 3
1. SITUATION ANALYSIS 5 1.1 Industry Analysis 5 1.2 Sales Analysis 6 1.3 Competitive Analysis 8 1.4 Customer Analysis 11 1.5 SWOT Analysis 11
2. OBJECTIVES 12 2.1 Corporate Objectives 12 2.2 Marketing Objectives 12 3.1 Market Segmentation Strategy 13 3.2 Targeting Strategy 13 3.3 Product Life Cycle 14 3.4 Potential Strategies 14 3.5 Core Strategy 15
4. MARKETING PROGRAMS 17 4.1 Marketing Mix 17 4.2 Loyalty Programs 20 4.3 Customer Service & Support 20 4.4 Market Research 20 4.5 Trust and Credibility 20 4.6 Trade Promotions 20
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Others local brands will not have obvious effect on us because of their shortage of technology and time to market.

1.1.2 Trends and Drivers

According to our market research, the major trends change a little in digital camera industry. These changes attribute to the improvement of people’s living standards. To some extend, fashionable home appliances has become a symbol of one’s status.

Most people purchase new digital cameras mainly because of the limitation of current cameras’ functions. They pursue not only a slim and stylish camera body, but also a high quality of its functions, such as high pixel, highly effective optical image stabilizer and so on.

Most of our consumers are the young who have received higher education, and the middle-aged people who have established their occupation and their social status, always the female.

1.1.3 Legal, Political & Economical Factors

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