The Trophy Project

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Executive Summary 2 1 The Major Problems in the Case 3 1.1 Problem Analysis 3 1.2 Lack of Organisational Strategy 3 1.3 Poor Leadership 4 1.4 Lack of Learning 5 1.5 Lack of Systems 6 1.6 Poor Communication 6 2 Leadership at the Top and Functional Management Levels of the Organisation 7 3 Reichart’s Leadership and Managerial Abilities 10 3.1 There is no blame 11 3.2 A Shift of Mind 11 4 Recommendations Regarding Transformation and Change to Ensure Effective and Efficient Functioning of the Organisation 12 4.1 Managing Organisational Change 13 4.2 Apply Leadership 14 4.3 Design Effective Organisational Structure 16 4.4 Managing Resistance to Change 17 Bibliography 20

Executive Summary
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Their focus is on their own performance and their own results with regards to budgets. They unfortunately are not considering the organisation from a holistic point of view and what is best for it. They do not appear to be held accountable for their non-participation and non-support of the project. The functional managers have initiated an unethical culture by allocating their expenses to the project and not to their own department. Senior management have supported this unethical practice.

The project manager is proving to be ineffective; a reason for this is due to the lack of support from management and constant pressure to show results however he has not been provided the support to do so. The selection process of the project manager seems to not have considered his experience and knowledge of project management skills.
1.4 Lack of Learning
It is evident that this is not a learning organisation, as there is a lack of focus on their most valuable assets being human talent and secondly their customers. The absence of this focus contributed to the project problems to spiral out of control and eventually the customer became involved in order to resolve these problems. The leaders have not developed the human talent within the organisation and from their actions of replacing the project manager on The Trophy project numerous times and not allowing anyone to learn,


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