Imagine That You Must Negotiate a Contract with an Organisation That Is in a Country Other Than Your Own. Choose Any Country Other Than Your Native Country and Then Answer the Following Questions: Identify the

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a Middle Eastern conservative country with age-old traditions and belief systems that are derived from the Arab culture. The country has a prevailing monarchy that is rich in Arab and Islamic heritage and a characteristic homogeneity in culture (Anon, n.d). It occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula and it shares boundaries with Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and the Red Sea (Wikipedia). The introduction and acceptance of Islam as a major religion is seen to be a driving force in its conservatory approach. This cultural system predominant in KSA cut into various aspects of life and living. In the country, public expressions of views are highly prohibited.
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The Saudi Arabian culture values differ from that practiced in Nigeria. First, Saudis culture is being guided by the principles and doctrines of Islam. Nigeria, on the other hand, is multi-religious and holds various cultural values linked to respective religions. Notwithstanding, there is a widely practiced national culture common to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, race or religion. Nigerians, unlike the Saudis, are attached to very little degrees of anxiety and/or stress, and as such, are not easily dispelled in the face of uncertainties. A common expression used in Nigeria “God is in Control”, further shows that Nigerians ascribe all outcomes of daily lives to a Supreme Deity/God. Nigerians are also very expressive, although mistaken for being loud; and this is a contrast to the conservatism of the Saudis.
In the event of a likely negotiation, the suitable approach to be used should harness or adopt existing cultural trends. Disputes could be managed by leveraging on pre-existing relationship with the negotiator, tabling concerns without aggression but with a calm and peace-seeking mannerism. Being guided purely by Islam, Saudis do not believe in haste and as such it is expected that deliberations could go on for long protracted time. It is advised then that a great deal of patience be invoked else the negotiations would turn sour. Due to the conservativeness, the mode of dressing during negotiation should