Mgmt1001 Everest

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Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis of the following: the experience in the two Everest teamwork simulations, the results of the two sets of simulation and the communication structure and experience in the two Everest simulations. Method of analysis includes incorporating theories and concept in the course and discussing about the observation during the simulations. There are many concepts and theories which are discussed in this report such as the grouping modeling elements, communication structure, the effects of conforming and the benefits of conflicts and the benefits of effective communication. The report ends with a recommendation that the report could be improved if there is a comparison of the results of two teams
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This shows that our team was personally and emotionally involved in the simulation.

For the second Everest simulation, norming and performing was used as the group modeling development elements. At the norming stage our team came up with a common goal of obtaining a minimum of 75 percent for our overall goal points and to avoid rescue for all team members. While for the performing stage we came up with ideas and opinion of how to solve problems that we encountered in the first Everest simulation, we also developed shared leadership in the second simulation where we only had a single leader in the first simulation. During the second Everest simulation there were some conflicts due to misunderstanding. The photographer whose personal goal were to stay two consecutive days on camp one and two, had an argument with the leader stating that he had already stayed but in fact he did not, this conflict was solved by members of the group analyzing facts to the photographer. This conflict did not cause any uncomfortable but in fact demonstrated that our team is comfortable in sharing knowledge with each other. Prior to this conflict we reached an agreement that if conflicts arise, we will first let the leader to make a decision, but if she cannot decide on the outcome then we will vote to reach an


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