Itunes Marketing Analysis

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It was clearly specified not to include an introduction in this document, however, I feel that adding the following words would strengthen the arguments in this document. I have an IT background, I am not a programmer, but I have been working in IT for the last 10+ years. All my life I have been a PC person and not a MAC person, I have used MAC in some occasions but I always felt that PCs were more user-friendly. It is needless to describe how electronics have progressed and invaded every aspect of our life now a days, we are all about gadgets, MP3 players, GPS, Palm, email, web-cam, web-conferencing etc etc… Every day there is a new invention that seduces us, and I am not immune to
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This segment is very computer or electronics fluent and they have a broadband connection on hand.

Broadband Internet Connection private households
Households with broadband internet connection, download friendly and conscious to copyrights legality issues, usually broadband owners are financially well off, as the cost of broadband back in 2003 was a bit higher than it is now… this demographic are very computer friendly, use daily emails, web-search and IM.

Looking at the company from a digital media angel : APPLE© wanted to position itself as the centre piece of myriad of digital services, it first launched the famous iPod in October 2001 that got a worldwide press and became a must have item. The iTune’s edgy graphical user friendly interface (the console) is very compatible and similar to iPod (the play lists and libraries) it has the look and the feel of APPLE… even the windows compatible version is very APPLE© like… As a computer manufacturer the company is known for its sleek design and media


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