Apple and Their Strategy

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Apple will often look at different directions to take their operations so that they can maintain strategically competitive. The Ansoff product and market matrix provides a model that shows how Apple can exploit growth options in various sectors. One is how they can penetrate the existing markets they are operating in; this can be done by gaining market share or exploring global economies. Apple will also look to develop new products for existing markets which is currently been very successful for them with product innovations. Moving some of their current products into new markets is another step of Ansoff as Apple will look to expose global options or new customer sectors. The final step of Ansoff is for Apple to take the major step to Diversify into new products and new markets which is the different from their current core values.
Using stakeholder mapping, Apple will classify their “stakeholders in relation to the power they hold and the extent to which they are likely to show interest in supporting or opposing a particular strategy.” (Johnson et al, 2008 pg 156). Apple does this by using the power/interest matrix. This matrix allows Apple to prioritise their stakeholders by seeing which of their stakeholders have the most influence on the decisions made by Apple. This is because Apple must keep the stakeholders with the most power and interest satisfied. If they don’t it could have a


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