Strategic Analysis of Itunes

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Strategy Management
Music Industry Plan

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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Strategic Position

2.1 The Music Industry

2.2 SWOT

2.3 Apple vision and values

2.4 Business and Social Responsibility

2.5 Market Segmentation

3 Strategic Purpose


3.2 The Environment

3.3 iTunes Life Cycle

4. Strategic Choices

4.1. Portfolio planning and analysis

4.2 Model Figure The Achilles
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• Already launched successful products like off iPhone and iPod which will also support the use of iTunes to reach mass market of this particular product • Good selection of music and video, which cannot be found in other sources.
• Operates best under only Apple application • ITunes is a software

• Store exclusive and selected music attracting niche customers • Can be made compatible with other platforms or OS. • Internet users not using iTunes can be attracted


• Free online music download website. Like of peer-to-peer applications. • Strong competition in all fronts • Cheaper video printed in china on sale illegally

2.3 Apple’s vision and values

A starting point to analyse almost all aspect of Apple are its internal aspects. This is useful to improve the performance of Apple, examine the future changes and determine how to best implement the strategy. (Appendixx)

Shared Values
The shared values are the leading vision, or fundamental ideas in which Apple is aligned to.
Apple believes in providing a fashionable design with great user experience.

Apple style, changed from when led by Steve Job, it carried more attention to details, it aimed not for a monotone gadgets instead it aimed to give user an incredible experience.
It encourages the youth to try and gives that


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