Miami Toy Company

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CASE BRIEF: 1. The primary task of Miami Toy Company (MTC) is making for stock a standardized line of high quality, unique toys that “last from pablum to puberty” 2. As a rule, MTC introduces one or two new toys a year 3. Dwight Smith is the owner and manufacturing manager of MTC 4. In August of this year, toy inventors informed Smith that they have designed a Darth Vader Doll – standing two feet high, swinging a “lightsaber” and making heavy breathing sounds from an electronic voice synthesizer 5. Design Engineering unit states that the product can be made primarily from molded plastic using new all-purpose molders 6. In its previous initial production of new toys, MTC relied heavily on skilled work
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MTC should also segment their products since many of these children are beginning to mature faster and at a younger age with the growing advances in technology. Many of these children are moving away from traditional toys and gravitating towards what was once considered “adult toys” including video games and other electronic items. In order for MTC to retain and maintain its competitive edge, it has to integrate the use of computers into its “traditional” toys. Furthermore to increase its market presence, MTC should develop a network of manufacturer’s reps and wholesale distributors across the country to supplement its home office business and other outlet stores. Lastly, with the proper monitoring of the market and environmental forces, and the constant evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses (see Appendix II for SWOT) as well as the political, economic, social and technological constraints (see Appendix II for PEST analysis), the prospect of earning gross sales in the amount $ 103,250.00 (see Appendix I) when the Darth Vader doll finally hits the market will make MTC’s Christmas a merry season indeed.

APPENDIX I. CAPACITY UTILIZATION Variable | Amount | Forecast Demand | 5,000 units | Manufacturing Capacity | x 70% |


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