Apple's Marketing Strategy sumary

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Marketing Strategy

Apple’s Marketing Strategy
A brand name differentiates one company from another. Apple, for example, is known to be a manufacturer of Macs, iPods, iPhones, iPads and various types of computer professional software. Companies build customer relationships to ensure customer loyalty through their innovative products, creative features, attractive designs, elite quality and reasonable prices (Richard, 2013). Apple has made sure that is was the first corporation to integrate modern technology in its products, before any other company. This is exemplified by the company’s computers that came in a plastic case with color graphics. Creating these computers set it apart from its competitors (Company History, 2013).
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Devoting a store exclusively to its products has set Apple apart from other technology-based company. Apple’s employees are given detailed training in order to effectively inform customers about Apple’s products. Moreover, Apple encourages customers to get “hands-on” experience with their products, to learn more about their products and to discover how easy it is to use the Apple products (“Effective Strategies,” 2013, Kaputa, 2013). As a result, Apple products are perceived as “friendly” because the company has replaced complexity with ease of use through creative features, such as touch screens for zooming and scrolling (Kaputa, 2013).
When the iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012, it became an immediate success. In fact, the phone was in such high demand that it was back ordered three to four weeks. Apple used the “scarcity tactic” to its advantage. Specifically, by announcing a sale on the iPhones along with a scarcity warning, allowed the iPhone 5 sales to skyrocket. Along with an increasing demand for the phones, the actual delivery of the devices was delayed, which added to the illusion of scarcity (Kaputa, 2013).
By introducing its computers to students, Apple experienced a significant advantage in sales over its competitors. The company would offer discounts to college students to encourage purchases. The company was well aware of the benefits of influencing the students towards choosing Apple as their