Sochi 2014 Olympics

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BADM 324 | The Marketing of Sochi 2014


Table of contents Abstract 2 Introduction (Purpose, Scope, Significance) 3 Background (Context, Existing Knowledge) 5 Some quick facts about Sochi 5 Vision 5 Research Question or Hypothesis 8 Approach/Methodology 9 Observations/Discussion/Validation/Results 10 Explanation of the Expectations of Sochi 10 Innovative Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 10 Celebrating the spirit of Russia 10 Delivering sustainable positive change, which inspires the World 10 An impressive marketing based on party and glamour 11 In Vancouver 11 Sponsoring 13 Everything must be contrasted 14 Example of rebellion: No Sochi 2014 15 What does Sochi have to learn from
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This question is, to me, interesting because when you look at the official Sochi 2014 website, read the booklets explaining the project, listen to the presentation of Sochi, it is hard not to be seduced. When I arrived at the Russian House for my volunteering, I didn’t know anything about Sochi and not a lot of things about Russia. During my volunteering, I was in the excitement, I was very busy, and I didn’t really had time to think about what I were seeing and hearing. I was very enthusiastic about everything, and I was nearly convinced that Sochi was the ideal place to host the Olympics… After a while, I was thinking about everything and it started to seem to be too beautiful to be true…
I have seen their marketing and promotion from the inside (actually I was, as a volunteer, one of their advertisers…) I have seen something very efficient and attractive.
I am going to study the differences between this


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