Celta Pre-Course Task Answers

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CELTA Pre-course task
Section 1
Task 1 1. Monolingual, adult group classes, part time, mixed gender, similar ability, day, teachers with English speaking backgrounds 2. After the course finishes I will be teaching the same.
Task 2 1. I decided to teach adults because I like to listen to the various life experiences the adults have, I also like the adults hunger and willingness to learn. Adults are usually very motivated and make for an interesting class. 2. I find I’m well suited to teaching adults, as I’m a curious person by nature and I like to find out as much about my students as possible. I’m also able to empathise with them to them overcome any anxieties about learning they may have. I’m also open to sharing my own
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All these verbs can only be used in the simple form.
Task 21
As well as providing definitions dictionaries put the words in context by providing example sentences, the origin of the word, words related to to it – such as various synonyms/antonyms, perhaps it tell you about pronunciation by means of phonemic transcription, it would also indicate whether the word is formal or colloquial.
Task 22 1. We use the word ‘tallest’ when talking about people, not ‘highest’, which usually only refers to things like building and mountains. 2. ‘Enervated’ is not common language, it’s too formal. Tired is better word to use. 3. ‘pretentious’ is too negative and changes the meaning of the sentence, clever is a more positive thing to say. 4. You can’t have a loving ‘slap’, a ‘slap’ might hurt the person on the receiving end. ‘Touch’ is a more appropriate word that goes with ‘loving’ 5. ‘Footing’ is French for ‘jogging’. Jogging is the proper English word for this activity.
Task 23
Verb-noun – make bed; do housework
Verb-preposition – depend on
Adjective-noun – vicious circle
Adverb-adjective – strikingly handsome; highly emotional; absolutely fabulous
Task 24 1. B 2. C 3. A
Task 25 1. B 2. C 3. A
Task 26 1. Their 2. South 3. Language 4. Peaceful 5. Young 6. Call 7. Search 8. Equation 9. Sugar
Task 27 1. GuaranTee 2. CAvalry 3. MechaniSAtion 4. LANguage


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