Apple Brand Communications Audit Analysis

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Apple Brand Communications Audit Analysis
1.Assessment of Apple’s Website: After browsing Apple's official website, I think it did quite successful with an overall sense and expression of Apple’s brand image. From my own perspective, I like Apple's official website design style, simple and sophistication. On the homepage, the advertisement in the middle catches the eye, with a big post and link to the related products. Colors are also designed to be simple and fresh on the homepage, adapting to Apple’s brand concept and making customers feel comfortable when browsing their website, which will interest customers to learn more information about this company's products and will give customers a perfect user experience. Secondly, I think
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Due to advances in technology, more and more people holds that phones and network development have negative impact of interpersonal communication, because they only think face to face is the best way to contact and communicate with each other. However, Apple’s latest advertisement tells us that technology can give us another way to express feelings and love. Apple conveys humanistic philosophy has always been to make people want to come through technology closer relationship. Apple's current holiday advertisement with the company's values perfectly together, it told us that Apple products are not only technology, but also the quality of life. What's more, Apple has always been a good storyteller. They don’t really promote the new products directly but contains interesting story in the current advertisement, and allows us to fit in, impressive and unforgettable. Again, Apple has proved the company's unique technology to us through its current advertisement; most other companies just introduced what can their phone do in their advertising, while Apple's advertising tells us what can we get from the phone. To be more specific, the current “Misunderstand”advertisement highlights the progression of Apple as a whole throughout its unique history, which focus on the technological world we live in today, the


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