Innovation at International Food

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This paper provides a written analysis of the Innovation at International Foods (IFG) case study. The paper will provide an analysis of the issues that Josh Novak, the new team manager at IFG is facing with the existing staff. Josh has come for Glow-Foods which was a smaller company that has been purchased by IFG. Josh was retained due to the innovative ideas that produced significant growth at Glow-Foods by reaching the younger market. It has now become his job at IFG to do the same. However, as Josh is becoming more acclimated to the way things are done at IFG, he and his team are being bogged down with processes and procedures that are in place. The team does not believe that will be able to do the job they were hired
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Josh’s team has yet to understand the personalities of the team, and need to be mindful to win support.
Winning Support
In order for Josh to win support of the other team members he must show that he understand the business. If he can show that he understands IFGs strategy and vision, he can show how the three ideas and the new tools that his team wants to experiment with support the corporate initiative. Currently Josh has two people that support him, Tonya James the IT manager over marketing and John Ahern the CIO (p. 230). Tonya is supporting Josh and his team, as well as mentoring Josh on how to be seen as a leader at IFG. John knows what Josh has done for Glow-Foods and wants the same for IFG.
Josh needs to understand the business model at IFG; he needs to be aware of the direction IFG is going and his teams ideas need to support that vision. IFG has to allow Josh and his team to experiment. They need to try their ideas and find the best direction for IFG. With the support of Tonya and John they can start to develop alliances with the others. Josh maybe a great innovator but he must adjust to the environment of IFG. Once the others can respect him as a leader and innovator, his team can help the others overcome the uncertainty that they are feeling.
IFG is trying to expand their market and reach new demographic, consumers under the age of thirty. From a marketing perspective IFG has


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