Education as Leading Social Determinant of Health

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Introduction: Education and Our Society
The role of education in society has proven to service the people through the spreading of information, teaching of lessons and simply giving the gift of knowledge. With the gift of knowledge, we ultimately give the other the right and the ability, more importantly, to make their own informed choices. An educated mind can go beyond the limits set out by society and can make wise decisions regarding their health, success and general well being by simply using rationale. The level of education one obtains is directly related to the health of that individual, whereby it determines the person’s quality of life and life expectancy. Further more, one may be lead to believe that education is the most
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Several factors (alcohol consumption, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) were nonlinearly related to educational attainment. (Kubzansky, 1998, p578).

It can be seen from this study that poor lifestyle choices that lead to many negative effects on health were attributed to the lack of education of the individual. This inevitably demands focus on the education of healthy lifestyle behaviours to improve the everyday well-being of the individual. Just by simply identifying the importance of vegetable dense meals, daily physical activity and our daily requirement of five glasses of water is a start to better and healthier body.

Education in the form of Action
When relating the importance of education directly to the improvement of health, the need for specific action is vital. Blatantly educating and teaching a society while they have no idea what the information is good for is obviously useless. “Education has been an essential component of action to promote health and prevent disease through this century” (Nutbeam, 2006, p259). Most effective would be to begin informing our society at a young age in order to gradually incorporate the facts and techniques of how to maintain a healthy life. Early childhood education has proven to ease the later learning process by already having the brain conditioned to hearing and retaining information. This in turn forms a solid foundation and ultimately provides a head start to the success of adult


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