Mgt599 Mod 3 Slp Internal / Swot Kraft

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Internal Analysis/SWOT of Kraft Foods
MGT 599
Module 3
Session Long Project
A corporate strategy is an organizations ability to define where they are headed in the future. This can be accomplished through an Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis which will facilitate sound business decisions.

The third installment, requires the submission of information with regard to the Kraft Foods Group Tangible (Physical, Financial, Human, and Other), and Intangible (Technical, Intellectual, Goodwill, and Other) Resources; to include their architecture, Reputation, and Innovation capabilities.
Tangible Resources
Physical Resources – Kraft Foods made a move in 2012 to
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(KFI) In 2006, Kraft selected to team up with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) to help streamline their approach to moving their products to 500 shipping points that support more than 6,000 destinations. OTM was chosen due to their more holistic approach to transportation and provided the most flexible application architecture. (CGT) Intellectual Resources – Kraft Foods has a very good grasp on the overall task of searching and utilizing their intellectual resources. Attention to detail in the areas of business management and strategy, through the creation and development of staff slotting (finding the right person for each position), developing initiatives to keep their very best talent in the company and not losing them to the competition. Kraft has integrated thought processes to reduce costs, and to solidify the brands that they currently have and simulate ingenuity of product creation in the future. This is a goal put in place to enable personnel development throughout their organization. Kraft believes that talent rests from within, finding and developing that talent is where they continue to strive. Goodwill – Kraft Foods is managed and operated under two commercial umbrellas; Kraft North America, and Kraft International. Kraft North America operates in the United States and Canada. Kraft has a span of five consumer