Academia Barilla vs. Elbulli Strategic Mgmt Analysis

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The subject of food is as diverse and complex as the many dimensions that encompass it. We need food to survive, but once we get beyond the basic needs of nutrition, the subject of food takes on an entirely different character depending on ones values. People associate food with their own personal lifestyles, culture, history, values, heritage, history, identity, and other attributes that make them unique.
Gianluigi Zenti
Academia Barilla and ElBulli have a lot of common themes: they have applied and are still applying the cultural and social influences to the food industry, they are oriented and focused on innovation and creativity, they have pioneered and restructured their own markets and business models, they are global,
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The very strong scarcity, the exclusivity of the setting of Roses, on the Costa Brava, and the constant effort put into innovation and creativity are the main things that contribute to classify ElBulli restaurant as a luxury brand and as a place where is almost impossible to get a table. The restaurant is the first and core activity of ElBulli: this is where the business, the brand and the recognition ElBulli started and continues to grow.
From one side, Ferran Adrià and his team must continue to develop new and different dishes for the ground-breaking cuisine at elBulli to guarantee a continuous stream of innovation, the cornerstone of the restaurant's success. But they are also faced with the challenge of growing the business, exploring whether the core concepts from elBulli -this "taste of innovation"- can be applied to domains ranging from consulting to fast food.
The problem is that since 2001 the restaurant, keeping on its exclusive strategy, has reported 500 million euro loss per year, showing that genius and business results not necessarily go hand in hand.
For sure from 2012 ElBulli will close down and it is expected to open again, maybe in 2014 as a subsidized foundation, however, in the meanwhile, Adrià can keep on making profits through the ElBulli related businesses.

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