Gardenia Market Segmentation

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Our objective is to serve consumers with the best quality assortment of great-tasting bakery and related food and beverage products, with world-class manufacturing facilities and an efficient nationwide distribution network, thereby providing a fair return on shareholder investments
Their vision is to become the premier company in the baking industry and the related food and beverage industry, known and emulated for our best quality products that delight the consumer. It is the pride of every employee, investor, trade partner and stakeholder.


Gardenia's roots go back to Singapore where, in 1978, it began as a humble in-store bakery. Increasing demand led to
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The whole process ensures that every loaf produced is of consistent superior quality and constantly meets customer expectations when it comes to their daily bread.
Finally, the finished products pass through a metal detector to check that there are no metal contaminants and then placed on clean trays for dispatch. From there, Gardenia’s renowned delivery and distribution system, the country’s biggest, and can dispatch 650,000 loaves and buns daily, takes over. The distribution center is an essential part of the system to assure that only the freshest, safest to eat, and healthiest bread products reach Filipino homes and stores nationwide.
Gardenia breads have been renowned primarily because of its deliciousness that is hard to copy since it uses only the finest ingredients available from both the international as well as the local market and are made based on Gardenia’s specifications. Its high quality control standards ensure that all ingredients meet the company’s strictest quality specifications and are delivered via the Just-in-Time System so that freshness of the ingredients and raw materials are ensured.
With the uncompromising choices of only the finest ingredients, it makes Gardenia breads not only tastier, softer and healthier but also zero-transfat, cholesterol-free and bromate-free, and are also enriched and fortified with vitamins and minerals and folate for better nutrition.