Important Components of Communication

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Communication is an important process of transferring information. The most important components of communication are: the sender, the receiver, a message and the feedback. First the sender who is the person or entity that is sending a message with information. The receiver gets the message from the sender. After receiving the message, he tries to encode the message and prepares a proper answer which is called, the feedback. Communication is an essential part of this modern world; being used all the time in business, pleasure, sport or many other situations.
There are different types of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is communicating without words but through gesture, body
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In the performing stage the members of the team work well together and get results. If things are going well they can continue performing, otherwise they need to go back to earlier stages and find out what the problems are. AS finishing stage there is the adjourning. The end of the relation, team members each go their separate way.
Team development is a really important in order to built up a strong team that can achieve the expected goals made by the company’s board. Without a good structure the team will have almost no chance to succeed. Following the 5 stages will help the team to get their goal. Teams are everywhere in this world, you have business teams, sport steams, cooking teams everything you can imagine can be done better when you work together and be ‘one’

Diversity is accepting that in an organization there are psychological, demographic differences between employees. These can be sexism, racism and cultural differences. Ignoring diversity is not an option. Organizations that have offices all over the world need to spend a lot of time in order to make all offices look like one. If an organization fails in that, consequences can be hard and bring tensions, lack of productivity, conflicts in the organization or even legal actions. Diversity is how people see and react on groups of people that are different. In our world we are faced with these issues every day. Diversity isn’t always something negative, in many ways it can also be very positive


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