Principles of Project Management

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The principles of project management2
Viability of Project's Success/Failure Criteria4
Additional standard for the project's success/failure6 Calvert Social Index success/failure criteria7
Principles behind project management systems and procedures7
Human and material resources to achieve successful projects8
Information Security Audit System and Procedures 9
Key elements involved in terminating projects and conducting post-project appraisals 9 key elements involved in terminating projects 10 Situations where a terminated project can still be considered again10

Investigate Project Management principles
A. Discuss the principles of project management (1.1)

1. The Commitment Principle
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3. Continuous, effective communication among everyone that is concerned in the project in order to manage and organize action, distinguish and get to the bottom of problems and respond to changes.

4. A controlled scope or "stakeholder expectations management". Everyone involved in the project must know their share of responsibilities. To make sure that everyone concerned understands exactly what can be done within a specified time frame and budget; a systematic method for establishing practical goals for deliverables, cost, schedule, and quality, as well as techniques for maintaining the goals reliable all through the project.

5. Upper management support, "managing upward", guiding the upper managers toward appropriate decisions that maintains the project moving – to bring people and other resources, make guidelines, or remove organizational obstacles.

The main causes of project failure that were identified were:

1. Lack of User Involvement
One of the reasons why projects fail is that users do not participate in the system development process to the extent that they should. the lack of participation in the project by those who will use the system has proved fatal for many projects. Without user participation, it will cause delay to Projects because the management has not allocated people to do the work that users should be doing. If a project is to be a success management and users


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