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Managing People

The intention of the following individual action plan is to recognize my leadership strengths and identify areas where I am able to further develop and strengthen my leadership qualities. The challenge within the action plan is to be cognizant of my strengths and weaknesses within the context of my professional and personal life allowing for me to constructively work towards strengthening my weaknesses. The deeper subset to the challenge will require that truth and sincerity of my experiences both professionally and personally be disclosed. The sense of urgency is present and current, I have personally
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The final analysis of the 360 review was received on November 18, 2011 and recognized the following strengths, handling stress/time pressure, motivating others, leading a team, building personal power, and participating on a team. The areas of opportunity were listed as building personal power, building personal power, building personal power, motivating others and handling stress / time pressure. Each stage of leadership brings new crises and challenges. They’re wrenching – but knowing what to expect can help you get through them (Bennis, 2004, p.47). I have now to recognize that I believe the assessment of my strengths and an area of opportunities were accurate and frankly was not surprised. I have been driven for a significant portion of my life and it has not been until recently that I have been confronted by a personal divorce which has resulted in a significant loss of time with two of my boys, closing of a two companies, and separation of my parents. The three actions have all happened within the last twelve months and ultimately had a significant effect on my personal areas of opportunity within the 360 review. I feel that it is essential to understand the experiences that have been a component of my 2011. I did not choose to disclose these experiences to the first client communication and discussion of my 360 review. I chose to enter into discussion explaining that I would like to review the 360 review highlights and if he would be


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