Technology Used by Ups

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2. What technologies are used in UPS?
Technology has played a large role in UPS’s ability to expand and grow to serve globally in more than 200 countries and territories. UPS relies on several technologies to gain a competitive advantage against rival companies. The company streamlines processes by utilization of bar- code scanning systems, wireless networks, a mainframe computer, a portable computing device, software products and the internets.

The technologies uses in UPS are:

1. UPSnet
It is a global electronic data communication network that provides an information processing pipeline for international package processing and delivery.

Using a handheld computer device called a DIAD [Delivery Information Acquisition
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The strength of Quantum view inbound lies in UPS’s proprietary “address matching” system that retains multiple variations of street addresses within the United States. In addition to Quantum View’s ability to match to different addresses, it also recognizes variations in business such as UPS and UPS, Inc.

* Quantum View Notify® delivers proactive critical shipment status updates via e-mail. This technology is used by customers who want UPS to proactively notify interested parties about critical shipment status updates for some or all of their shipments.

* Quantum View ®Data delivers proactive critical shipment status updates via data files. Data files are delivered via the Web in .csv, .txt, or XML formats and are easy to integrate into internal software applications or databases. This service targets large customers who want to integrate this data into their own ERP, CRM or other systems. * Flex® Global View:The Flex Global View platform provides customers with supply chain visibility of multimodal (air, ocean ground and rail freight or UPS small package) transportation, purchase order, customer and inventory management data via the Web. Like Quantum View, Flex Global View provides customers proactive notification of vents they deem important in their daily business operations- from notification of an item held in Customs to confirmation that a critical shipment is en route to


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