Diversity Issues Paper

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Diversity Issues

Diversity Issues
Organizations who make a commitment to diversity can see a significant impact on business in many ways. Diversity “requires a significant commitment for change to occur” (Delong, 2007, p.9). It is extremely important that leaders understand the commitment and embrace it in order for a positive impact to occur. Employers with diverse cultures and leaders can build positive and successful relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors. They can better attract and retain top talent. All of these equal more financial gain for the company.
Diversity Leadership
I agree that being a diversity conscious leader is important to professional and organizational success. Not only is diversity
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In the US, people feel uncomfortable with a long period of silence. However, in other cultures salience is admired. In some cultures, passing food and gifts with a left hand is “considered taboo” (Bucher, 2015, p.141). Language differences are another barrier that can be challenging. Ethnocentrism and inactive listening are also barriers.
Cultural Intelligence
What do you agree or disagree that cultural intelligence (CQ) is important to be an effective leader? In preparing your response, consider: What is CQ? What are the components of CQ and are they learned? What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of developing CQ?
Cultural intelligence is important to be an effective leader. It affects the perceptions that leaders and all people place on things. Cultural intelligence is defined as a person’s “natural ability to interpret someone's unfamiliar and ambiguous gestures in just the way that person's compatriots and colleagues would" (Early & Mosakowski, p.1, 2004). Cultural intelligence picks up “where emotional intelligence leaves off” (Early & Mosakowski, p.1, 2004). (It has three components which are the cognitive (head), the physical (body) and the emotional/motivational (heart). The cognitive component is the objective component which enables us to understand encounters, think about what is going on and to make judgments based on frameworks. The physical component is the activity and communication during the


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