Barriers to Effective Communication

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Barriers to Effective Communication
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Barriers to Effective Communication Effective communication is a complex phenomenon that involves the verbal and nonverbal components in their cooperation. The main target of communicational process is transmission of information when the sending party wants the recipient to decode the message in the same way as it is coded. Nevertheless, the communicational process consists of the various components that may become the barriers for understanding. The workers of the law enforcement and criminal justice facilities also may face some problems that are connected with communicational problems and thus they need to dedicate special attention to various elements of
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Communication and transmission of information are indispensable elements that help to share and exchange information. The channels that are employed in this task can be divided into the formal and informal that can also refer to documented or undocumented ones. Among the formal channels of the information`s transition there can be determined downward, upward, and horizontal communication. The downward communication is connected with the instructions that are sent from the authorities to the employees of the lower ranks, while the upward communications refers to the feedback to the directors by the subordinates or sharing the data that has been collected by the employees. Finally, horizontal information exchange disregards any hierarchical differences but it is predominantly employed by employees of the same rank or in the certain group projects and problem solving. Informal channels of information do not concern the formal processes or proceedings directly but help the employees to interact. With the help of the informal channels of communication the officers can share any of the working details; however, the data loses its validity and precision and becomes shifted. Various communicational barriers also can contribute to the alteration of the data. There are various elements of communication that can become barriers for instance language differences, distraction of the communicants, and


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