Imogene King's Theory

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Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment

This paper is about Imogene King and her Theory of Goal Attainment. This paper details the components of the theory as well as practical application of those components today. Goal setting and patient education are discussed in relation to King’s theory. The role of the nurse as educator is explained. The importance of King’s theory and practical application of that theory is displayed.

Imogene King was not only involved in nursing for 60 years, but she was a leader in nursing right from her start in the diploma program at St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing, St. Louis, Missouri. King saw nursing as a challenge. She credits her Jesuit education, her perception of personal
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It is also important to consider the patient’s environment in relation to their goals. For example, a goal in the hospital will be different than a goal in an outpatient clinic. In order to adequately meet the goals of a patient, nurses need to initiate effective communication and create a relationship that fosters dialogue. This theory can be related to clinical practice for a patient progressing through his or her post-operative recovery period. The patient and nurse create goals related to the patient’s recovery process. The nurse must initiate communication to educate the patient on their roles and expectations to achieve a positive outcome. One example of this would be the nurse teaching deep breathing and coughing to prevent atelectasis. The challenge may present when the patient has pain and is not capable of understanding the necessity of deep breathing, coughing, and moving when it exacerbates the pain. It is at this point that re-education is important.
The second essential component of King’s theory is the component of seeking care to prevent illness. Education is also a significant component of this step. Healthcare providers need to educate the public at every occurrence. Providing education creates a relationship and opens up opportunities for future teaching. This relationship is pertinent to help inspire


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