HRM 595 Final Exam

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HRM 595 Final Exam

1. Joe McDonald is the HR manager of ACME chemicals. His boss, Bill Jacobs, is concerned that the interactions between the various departments of the company are inconsistent and that there is too much competition between departments rather than cooperation. Bill has asked you about ways to improve the negotiations between business units. In your explanation to Bill, you need to explain the following: What are the three primary reasons that negotiations occur? What is the difference between bargaining and negotiation? Why must successful negotiations involve both tangible and intangible components? Do you think that ACME needs to pursue an integrative or a distributive approach to their
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What are the major sources of distortion that can interfere with communication? (Name and define at least 3) What are the three key questions we need to ask regarding communication in negotiations? What role does listening play in the communications process (Describe the 3 types of listening). What are some of the ways that a negotiator can improve his/her communication skills?

9. When we look at the complexities of the negotiation process, there are many situations where a negotiator might consider the use of questionable tactics to accomplish his/her goals. This brings up the important question of ethics in negotiation. Define the 4 types of ethical reasoning. Why do people use deceptive/ambiguous tactics in negotiation? What are some of the factors that shape a predisposition to the use of unethical tactics? How can we effectively respond to the use of unethical practices?

10. Barney and Marilyn have been married for six months. They engage in negotiations consistently as a way to improve their understanding of each other and to build a loving relationship. How does this “relationship” negotiation differ from the negotiation practices that we have discussed involving business relationships? Research has uncovered 4 fundamental types of relationship