Impact of Social Networking Websites on Business

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Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Literature Review 3 Comparison of Social Networking Websites 5 Benefits of using social network websites for business 6 How to Use Social Networking Websites for Business 8 Problems Associated with Social Networking Websites 10 Conclusion 10 References 11

A social networking website is a social structure build-up of individuals or organizations called “nodes”, which are connected by one or more specific types of mutuality, such as friendship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike relationships of beliefs, knowledge, prestige and information.
This paper focuses on social
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- LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a social networking website designed specifically for the business community with over 120 million members which were officially launched in May 2003. A LinkedIn member’s profile page, which emphasizes their working experiences and education background, has professional network news feeds and a limited number of customizable modules. Network members are also known as “connections” and unlike other social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn needs connections to have a pre-existing relationship. The members of can seek for jobs, join groups, research companies, and network with members of their network. Companies can post information about the company and career opportunities listings on company pages. Companies can also establish the connection with LinkedIn members for recruiting purposes.

- MySpace
MySpace is a popular online social networking website that composed of personal profiles aimed for mostly at a younger membership. It is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults. It allows users to post images of their self, blog about their ideas and concerns, and post comments on other users’ profiles. MySpace included features such as chat rooms, forums, classified ads, newsgroups and a venue for sharing videos or music like as other online social networking websites. A MySpace profile can be a very important connection to fans of celebrities because MySpace was originally founded as a venue for


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