Sample Concept Paper for Masters Degree

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1.1 Background of the study
A study conducted by Hattie (2002) revealed that thirty percent of the variance in performance of students could be accounted for by what the teacher knows, does and cares about. He identified influences on the learner in terms of magnitude and concluded that the teachers’ feedback has the greatest influence on academic performance as compared to other factors. Teachers, in the education world, are considered as significant other in the life of their students and so, whatever their actions just like a parent toward the child, they are taken seriously and consequently have a very big impact in the student’s creation of self-fulfilling prophecies which contribute greatly to their academic self-esteem. Teachers
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2.1 Target population
The population of study will consist of four hundred secondary school students who are in form three and four, both boys and girls in four secondary schools and twenty teachers of the same schools. The chosen group is mainly because they are adolescence, in senior classes and so have a vast of experience with teachers in the classroom as compared to students in the junior classes.
2.2 Sample size& Technique
Four hundred students will be selected in the study sample since among the three camps the population will be limited to two camps. From the two camps, fifty students will be selected from each class and five teachers from each school.
2.2.0 Sampling techniques
The following techniques will be employed:
1. Convenient sampling will be used to select four schools out of the nine secondary schools based on the accessibility of the schools due to security impediments as movement from one camp to another is enabled only by means of police escort.
2. Stratified random sampling would then be used to select students and teachers according to their respective classes, so form three and four classes would be selected together with teachers who teach them.
3. Purposive sampling will be used to ensure that both female and male students are selected and at equal numbers to ensure representativeness.
2.2.1 The sample size
From the four secondary schools,


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