Apple’s Labor Issues and Pr Miseries

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Name: Lee Dong Yu
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Individual Assignment: Apple’s Labor Issues and PR Miseries

Public opinion can be characterized as the thought of the society at a particular time towards any circumstantial incidents. The effectiveness of public opinion is amplified when people are assembled, united, massed and in mutual consent of the attitudes that is being publicized, popularized or due to societal pressure to conform. Public opinion can be manipulated and was stated by Adolf Hitler (1940) “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”
Public opinion is subjected to multitudinous influences that arises from every phases of life and according to Bernays (1928, 958), religion, science, art,
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This Apple labor saga, not only hurt the brand and overall corporate image. Businesses should dedicate a department focus on continuous improvement, not just a auditing and make improvements within the organizations strategic supply base to avoid similar incidents.
According to Grunig and Hunt, there are four models of public relations and this theory approach to public relations facilitates public relations practitioners to serve the organization and public interest by using the best model applicable that will benefit the situation. One of the four models of public relations are press agentry/publicity model. This type of communication model is a one-way communication, it aims to use persuasion and manipulation to influence the target audience to behave as the organization desires, this model can be practiced in both ethical and unethically furthermore the light of the matter are conceivably considered as trivial in addition, research on impact of sales and quantity of publicity generated takes precedence.
The second model of communication is characterized as Public Information Model. This model is analogous and comparable to the first model. It is also a one-way communication model with the exception that government and other official organizations utilizes it extensively to disseminate information to the population exclusively, in addition, it is only truthful in that organization