A Study on Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing: An Overview

The first aim of any business is to be known amongst their target audience. This is no different for online businesses that strive to shine out amidst billions of sites. Online businesses aim to market their site in several different manners to gain them more customers and business. One such marketing technique is social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a term that defines marketing that is done via social networks, such as online communities, networks, blogs and many other marketing tools to raise awareness amongst their potential clients. These sites are used to publicize, make sales, create connections between the business and
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Key factors that ensure its success are its relevance to the customer, the value it provides them with and the strength of the foundation on which it is built. A strong foundation serves as a stand or platform in which the organization can centralize its information and direct customers on its recent developments via other social media channels, such as article and press release publications.

The most popular platforms include:

How does it work?

Content: Creating content helps the company engage the audience and build thought leadership. Content could be created via a blog or YouTube channel.
Comm: Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are communication tools to reach your audience. How should you use them? What sort of online personality suits your brand?
Online: Digital marketing doesn’t involve social media only. Search engine marketing, banner ads on relevant sites and search engine optimization are part of the family as well (learn more here). Should they be included? How do they fit in?
Offline: Don’t be a narrow minded marketer. Ask your client if there are any long term/existing offline marketing campaigns that are running. This helps you understand what messages are


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