Assessment Business Network Client Relationships

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1.Write a detailed report on the procedures that are being followed by the business organization that you are currently working in to build client relationships and business networks.

My company called Bybloss, is a big and popular company that produces a range of cosmetics,for men and women.

In this company I `am a sales and marketing manager,so I am responsible for taking care of new products, some improvements, as well, as taking care of the work of my empolyess.

Last week, our company introduced a new brand cream, in order to that I hadto prepare some instructions for my staff, to get a clear perspective about what we need to introduce, so I prepared slides in Power Point and I presented it during the meeting.


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Very important is to interact with people in public, make eye contact with them when speaking to them directly and to build stronger relationships with gift giving.
When our clients are sick or unavailable we send them a nice gift ,an email or even sometimes we pick up the phone and give them a call to let them know we're there if they need anything. This action reflects very useful on our image.

The most important part of our identity is just being ourselves. When we do business and develop relationships it is very crucial to be authentic, it pays and work to our benefit, plus not spending the time and energy involved in being something we are not.
Our potential clients are very intelligent and have a keen sense of perception and they sense insincerity, we know it and we don't brand ourselves or our company as being fake because it will take sometime to pull ourselves out plus it is the wrong foundation to building strong, honest and healthy relationships.

Another good point is to be a problem solver - and a solution finder.
Clients hire us to help them solve problems. The more problems we can help them solve, the better. This advice is in line with saying "yes", and somewhat counter to saying "no", but worthy of singular discussion. Sometimes our activities allow us to see things that can be helpful to the client.

We keep our distance, because we know that we do become more valuable the more we work in an organization, but we need to keep our role clearly defined


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