Technology in the Workplace

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Caribbean Studies School Based Assessment

Technology and its Impact on the Workplace in the Caribbean: The Changing Nature of Jobs


Name: Rekha Burnett

School: Harrison College

Centre No.: 030014

Candidate No.: 030014

Date: 16/04/2010

Table of Contents


Introduction 2

Purpose of Research 3

Literature Review 4

Data Collection Sources 6

Presentation of Findings 7

Interpretation of Findings 11

Discussion 13

Conclusion/Limitations of the Research/Recommendations 15

Bibliography 16

Appendices 17



According to the U.S. Census
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Mark Dowdy (1998), a marketing executive for IBM, agrees that "issues of communication are heightened when people don't spend as much time together, and teamwork must be re-established periodically because you no longer have the comradeship at the office.” As new technologies become standard in the workplace, jobs are of higher skill because of the technical skills and abilities needed to use these technologies. The U.S. Department of Labour (2004) states that as a result, many workers have to learn higher skills, such as using computers because it becomes very important to remain competitive. However, one also notices that technology can have the opposite affect as well, the de-skilling of jobs. According to Roberts (2004) employees not having high-skills do not have the chances of advancement. Before a worker in a low-level job had a fair opportunity to change position to a higher level, but they don't have the opportunities now. The experience and knowledge are not valuable anymore because workers having high-skills which are required by employers can start out on the high level jobs.

Data Collection

This study involved questionnaires and interviews with 30 participants in total: 15 being male and 15 being female between the ages of 18 to over 45 years. Participants were selected through purposive sampling to ensure that there are representative of the study at hand. Several businesses were chosen because they represented working technological


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