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Assignment 1: Social Media
Shannon Pindle
Date: August 12, 2014
Class Name: Leg 100- Business Law
Professor Latarsha Jones

A legally astute manager recognizes and shows an appreciation for the law and identifies and makes legal considerations at each level of development and implementation. Respect for the law serves as the building blocks in the development of a management team. Following appropriate behaviors and adhering to the guidelines in the law represents the importance of meeting societal expectations and norms (Bagley, 2013 page 15). This set of attitudes that is value laden can mitigate the risk involved in doing business in Facebook. Violence and suffering is often
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Prior to its creation Facebook managers and lawyers communicated the law and discussed the legal aspects of social media. Doing this allowed them to frame the organization in a manner that would result in few legal disputes. Alternative dispute resolution methods include negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. Negotiations is a give and take resolution when coming to terms which each other. Negotiations can be forward looking to build desired relationships or backward looking to deal with past events that might have caused this disagreement. In mediation the parties attempt to reach an agreement with help from a neutral third party in finding a mutually agreed upon satisfactory resolution. Mediations provides for resolutions that are inexpensive and timed efficient. Arbitration is the resolution of a dispute or disagreement by a third party that is neutral called an arbitrator. This process is created by a contract that is agreed upon (Bagley, pages 67-71). Mediation would be the most effective in resolving genuine disputes that arise with consumers who may make purchases from businesses who advertise on Facebook. A marketing manager would want to use mediation when the parties sincerely want to settle their dispute. The flexibility of the process allows for the creating of ground rules that address the conflict and the needs of the parties involved. The use of the mediator allows parties to


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