Thesis on Capital Structure

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CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION Pg No. 1. Background of the study 1 2. History of bank 5 3. Growth of industries in Nepal 5 4. Statement of problem 7 5. Objectives of the study 8 6. Significance of the
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Every development program needs capital however capital could not be collected easily. Due to the scarcity of capital it becomes necessary to collect the fund scattered among different individuals and groups. Capital collection and its mobilization is essential condition for the uplifting of the nation. The collected capital may be big or small in amount which builds up the financial power. It would be worthy and productive if such amount is collected from various people and utilized in proper way. Banks are essential financial institutions. They are the principal source of credit that provide short term working capital finance. They contribute to the economy in different manner. They collect money from savers and invest in lucrative sectors. They make profit by paying less for savings than what they charge to the borrowers. Therefore, banks could play a key role in reducing poverty through income distribution and by producing income opportunities. Commercial banks are Business Corporations regulated and controlled by the central bank. They need to be studied constantly in comparison to other firms as they hold more importance than others. They hold saving of the regulators and the common people which determine the health of the economy, maximizing the value of shareholder’s wealth at an accepted level of risk. The Nepalese economy is contributed in great number by the industrial and public sector.


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