Digital Marketing

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The following collection of work will be areas covered in FETAC Descriptor 5N1364 under Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and as detailed in Assignment Brief.

The following elements will be covered in this Assignment Portfolio/Collection of work:

1. The unique characteristics of the web as a marketing medium.

2. The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing practice.

3. Exploration of a range of digital marketing strategies with explanations of how they integrate with traditional marketing.

4. A description of the stages of analysis, development, implementation and control of digital marketing campaigns.

5. Survey of a range of e-tools to include social media marketing, blogs,
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Normally you would go into Xtra Vision/Music Shop and buy/rent a DVD, now with the use of digital marketing you can download from the internet
Example: Netflix and Itunes

PRICES Example
Normally set on Flyers, brochures in shops, difficult to change.
Now they can be put as PDF File attached to Web Sits/Face book or sent as


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