How Change is Important to Grow

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The area of study: change, has helped me deepened my understanding on the different forms of change and how change can affect people in different way. During my study of Tim Winton’s book “The Turning” and Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror ”,I have learnt that change is important in order for a person to grow and can take many forms in any aspect of our lives. Tim Winton’s Big World has helped me understand a new face of change. The change in the story is about the changing relationship between the narrator and his best friend Biggie and the narrator’s own outlook it in life. Winton expresses the idea of their changing relationship through secrecy, loyalty, sacrifice and betrayal and elucidates the principle of relationship by …show more content…
Vic can’t see the reason why his mother still has to work for someone who has wrongfully accused her as a thief. He is very discontent on how her employers exploited Carol’s kindness and thinks she is “worth twice what those silvertails paid her”. He clearly disagrees with her mother in many aspects of her unjustifiable actions.

The turning point of Vic’s realisation is when he got involved on his mother’s work. Vic appreciated her mother’s deeper character; she is “more than what meets the eye”. Tim Winton used imagery at the end of the story to convey change, a new light. Vic can now see her in a new light as he described her as someone whose “very light of day was pouring out through her limbs”, creating a halo-like figure that symbolises this “new light” and the change of perspective. Carol values her “good name”; the only thing she has, and that she loves and values her job not because of money but the bigger achievement you can get from it- a reputation and a job that has moulded her character, thus allowing Vic’s character’s transformation to see his mother in a changed “new light”. Vic can now see that she’s a woman of great dignity, great self-respect, and someone who has great ideals, which are values that distinguished her from the other house cleaner. The story is written in first person, making it seem as a personal experience which further authenticates the text. The point of view enables the author to manipulate the reader’s


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