tropical rainforest

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3.1.1. Why does life thrive in the tropical rainforest?
The tropical rainforest is very rich in water and food thus life thrives. We all know that food and water are the things that animals need the most for their survival. It also has a warm temperature due to the constant energy that the sun provides. The plants need the sunlight for the process of photosynthesis to be completed and use it to derived energy. And the plants serve as the food for some animals and these animals serve as the food to the carnivores. These are some of the reasons of why does life thrive in tropical rainforest.
3.1.2. Explain why most of the food for herbivores grows far above the ground.
Plants, the food for herbivores, need the sun for energy. The tall
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7. Questions:
7.1. Cite the advantages and disadvantages of using Google earth as a virtual globe and world satellite map.
The advantages of the google earth are it is very helpful for us to know the locations, the exact coordinates of the place and it also helps us to see the world. It is also free and everyone could have it well those who have computers and use this for studies. It is also up to date and it helps everyone so there wouldn’t be a misunderstanding. The disadvantages of google earth are it needed internet access. Another concern is that less developed countries are poorly presented.

7.2. Research on the scientific principle behind Google earth as a GIS software ie. how does it work?
Google purchases most of the images from their maps from other companies. These images come from satellites and aerial photographs.
7.3. Give at least five practical applications of GIS in the field of Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation.
Recent developments in remote-sensing technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow the use of a landscape ecology and spatial analysis approach to the problem of deforestation and biodiversity conservation in the Western Ghats. Another application is Remote sensing, the science of obtaining information via noncontact recording, has swept the fields of ecology, biodiversity and conservation (EBC).

7.4. Describe your feelings upon locating and seeing such destructive activities


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