Real Women Have Curves

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Adam Milkovich

Professor David Finley

English 101

20 April 2012

Women in Unfair Work Conditions: The Fight Over Independence or Family! The play Real Women Have Curves was written by Josefina Lopez, it depicted the hard ships of immigrant female workers and the power and strength of women working together as one. About a decade later a movie was made. However the movie Real Women Have Curves still shows the same struggles these women in the play face and also shows how strong women working together can be. The key differences from the movie and the play are that they depict two different stories and almost give off completely different messages, especially when the movie has
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The play also mentions Estela’s boyfriend El Tormento while the only one love interest in the movie is Ana’s boyfriend Jimmy. The two are completely different. El Tormento is the bad guy for how he treats Estela…telling her things like “I like you big because there's more grab.” (Lopez 37) He puts her down throughout the play, supporting the feminist theme. Ana’s boyfriend is a real gentleman. He never puts her down or makes fun or her because of her weight like her mother does all the time. He tells Ana “Your not fat your beautiful.” (Real) These two different in love interest support the different themes of the movie and play. Another key difference in the movie from the play is Ana loses her virginity. That scene contradicts the plays thoughts and ideas of men running the show and always being in control, while women are just going along for the ride. It is Ana decision when she wants to lose her virginity and Ana who takes initiative to buy the condoms. When she is ready, Jimmy even ask multiply time if she is truly comfortable and ready to go through with this. Before they have sex Ana and Jimmy are standing in front of the mirror while Jimmy whispers to Ana “What a beauty” (Real) This is almost the complete opposite of what is said in the play. Even though they have the same name Real


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