Research Proposal on Aging Mind and Memory

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Aging mind and memory

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The research aims at determining the affect of dementia on the lives of individuals and how it impacts on their social interactions. The research will also identify the ways in which aging individuals can refrain themselves from falling prey to this disease. It will highlight some important information for caregivers who will better understand this disease and will know how to deal with people who have this disease. As we all
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A positive health attitude is associated with persistent beliefs and behaviors. So even in older ages people can maintain their health if their beliefs are positive and they find themselves less susceptible to diseases. Optimism in an individual’s personality and people with a perceived control of life events are those aspects of the personality which help in maintaining good physical health as well. (Carroll Estes, 2009)
The Multiple problems of aging are that in older ages minor problems may have a greater psychological impact. Older people suffer from additional problems of mental impairment, economic hardship and social isolation which can cause distress and other the cumulative effect of which could be greater than any disease.

Literature review

A human brain goes through changes during the aging process. As a person grows older every organ of his body deteriorates and same is the case with the human brain. These changes and deteriorating factors in this organ impact the personality of the individual as a whole because it is the most sensitive and crucial part of the human body. The cognitive declines usually associated with aging are observed in the processing speed and reaction times, Cognitive control, Executive functions and Memory. The most frequent personality disorders among the old age people are paranoid, schizoid and self defeating disorders. There are also treatments of these disorders. (Jason.L.Powell, 2004)
The human


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