Asda Case

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Stephany Mejia

1. What problems of motivation did Archie Norman discover at ASDA? Archie discovered that beyond the immediate financial crisis ASDA had organizational and cultural issues. These issues created a problem of motivation. ASDA’s top executives had offices in a separate part of the headquarters and were isolated from the rest of the company, one manager explained that executives seemed more interested in “hunting and partying” than in addressing serious issues faced by the company. ASDA had become more bureaucratic and hierarchical. The bureaucracy had reached a point that made it difficult to get anything done. With the financial crisis people feared losing their jobs, so they didn’t want any attention to
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If I were to make any additional changes they would be to create more incentives to keep the employees motivated and keep their enthusiasm going so that there wouldn’t be so much turnover of people and instead have long term employees that feel they can grow within the company and pay more attention to process since that kind of got lost when so much attention was placed on getting more sales.

4. Please review some of the video clips about how ASDA promotes itself (now being part of Wal-Mart), how common people seem to love to hate ASDA, and how the chain has evolved since the ASDA case was written, then answer the following: (a) What do you think are the most important concerns this organization should have about its future? (b) What specific organizational integration-differentiation concerns should they recognize? (c) What employee and customer perceptions should they be alert to in their business planning? The most important concerns they should have about their future are to continue growing and increasing sales and implementing the practices they already have in place. Their culture and communication continues to be very important especially since they have over 150,000 employees. ASDA needs to strive to continue being the best low value retailer and maintaining their customers happy so they continue to shop at their stores. They should recognize that differentiation


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