Choose a Medical Condition That Interests You and Research It. Write About the Possible Uses of Hypnosis in the Treatment as You See Them.

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Choose a medical condition that interests you and research it. Write about the possible uses of hypnosis in the treatment as you see them.

Breast cancer affects one in every nine women in Britain, 45,000 women every year are diagnosed with it in some form or stage of development. Life style and cognitive interventions, i.e. counselling and psychotherapy can play an important part in how the patient deals with cancer in their lives and how they recover.

Our genes regulate cell growth and cancer occurs due to abnormal changes in these genes. Genes are in each cell's nucleus and control the cells growth in relation to our genetic make up. The cells grow and replace themselves in a natural formal replacement process.

Over time,
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They could also develop new habits which they may view as helping them to cope, smoking, drinking, late nights and drugs. These new habits may help the person as a distraction, but become new stressors for the body to deal with by lowering the immune system further when it needs to be at peak form. There are many studies on the psychosocial aspects of breast cancer and psychological interventions that may have an effect on how patients recover from cancer treatment and how successful they return to their normal lives.

The quality of life whilst being treated is very important. Weeks,1992; Ratcliffe et al
Various aspects of quality of life may independently predict response to chemotherapy

The emotional response to such shocking news can raise anxiety and fear, the sympathetic nervous system will react to stress by raising levels of adrenaline and shutting down the function of tissue repair, reproduction and digestion. And increases Heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, perspiration and breathing. To also aid the fight or flight process the body releases hormones as it adapts to this state, if this state of fight or flight is maintained, other illnesses can arise. This is counter productive to the healing state of body and mind that is needed to aid any cancer treatment; so the focus should be on maintaining a state of relaxation.
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