Planning Document

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Planning Document

Dr. Bagwell
HRM 517-Managing Human Resource Projects
Strayer University
August 2012

Construct a project charter to revamp the compensation and benefits package.
Title: New Beginnings for the improvement of Human Resource Functions
Scope Overview: The New Beginnings project is to introduce a new and more efficient way of handling Human Resource functions to the company. The outsourcing of payroll systems and increasing the number of benefits the employees have access to will increase the morale of the company and decrease the current amount of stress associated with both. By changing the ways in which this team handles compensation and benefits packages to the current employees, this will give the team
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The research and selection process of vendors and healthcare packages can possibly pose to be a problem of there are not qualified and affordable vendors and packages for that meet the companies needs. This can affect both the timeline of the project and the budget if things gets too outrageous in costs. The mock testing of the selected payroll vendor can possibly make the project go back to the drawing board if the vendor is found out to be nor as helpful to the company as initially predicted. This is another risk that can set the timeline back. The training is the final section of the project that could affect the timeline and the budget negatively. All of these foreseen risks related to this project are to be met head on if they occur by the management team. More options are to be chosen when it comes to vendors and healthcare packages, back up payroll vendors are to be selected in the event the top choices are not as suitable for the company, and the timeline dates should be able to be changed to further possible completion dates without affecting the budget of the project. The budget itself should be estimated a little higher than need be in the event of risks that may effect the completion.
Budget Estimate: The budget for this project is expected to be about $50,000 and the project manager can spend up to


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