Human Factors and Work Performance

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Leadership for Quality, Effectiveness and Safety in Health Care
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First Assignment: Critical Appraisal

Student’s Name: Mithun Pathakamuri
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Unit Coordinator: Dr. Jan Sayers

Human factors include organisational, environmental and job factors, and human and individual characteristics. These factors influence the behaviour at work which can influence people’s health and safety (Human Factors in Patient Safety Review of Topics and Tools, 2009). Work performance determines the quality and quantity of work expected from each employee. Acknowledgement of the relationship between human factors, work performance, patient safety and quality in healthcare can promote a positive work environment. This
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A manager would always be not available for his employees, so a person with proactive personality will mobilize his own job demands and resources to complete the task. Overall, it can be seen that human factors play a significant role in determining the work performance.
Communication plays a very significant role in patient outcomes and quality and safety in healthcare. A miscommunication is a major factor which inadvertently harms the patient. There are various communication tools being used in the healthcare industry to bring positive patient outcomes and improve the safety and quality. Surgery has become an integral part of the global healthcare. Millions of surgeries are performed throughout the world on a daily basis. Data shows that 50 percent of surgical complications can be avoided through proper communication. WHO Surgical safety check list is a tool that is widely being used by the operating team before a surgical procedure is performed to reduce the mortality and morbidity (Haynes, et al., 2009). Briefing is another important aspect of communication where every member of the team should be given a chance to express his or her opinion and exchange information. There are several incidents where poor communication between hospital staff led to patient death and these outcomes are estimated to be 200,000 deaths per year (Coonan, 2011). One such incident has happened in a hospital in Victoria. A patient was diagnosed with


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